Currently located in Asheville, NC




  • 2008 Dodge built Mercedes Sprinter Van
  • Short wheel base, high top
  • V6 diesel - gets @ 21mpg highway, 17mpg city (sometimes better)
  • 5 speed auto transmission
  • 102k (ish) miles
  • In good working order
  • On-time regular maintenance


  • Bed: Organic latex foam mattress, slightly narrower than a double bed, cotton sheets & a Rumple synthetic down comforter
  • Kitchen: Large sink with 2 gallon pressure shower faucet & 5 gallon Greywater tank, 5 gallon backup freshwater, two burner Origo alcohol stove, Yeti 60L cooler with tupperware to isolate ice, basic cooking gear (contact for details)
  • Climate Control: 3 inches of wool insulation + reflectix covers for all windows keep the van fairly cool in summer/warm in winter, Maxxair fan is operable even in rain, Cubic Mini Woodstove with soapstone hearth burns charcoal and small hardwood chunks. North Dakota winters and Las Vegas summers are still not fun.
  • Nature's Head Composting Toilet
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400w battery: Charges off of the cigarette lighter when the van is in motion, powers the fan and can be used to charge small electronics.
  • Storage: Shelves for about two duffel bags worth of clothes + some toiletries & coats, big drawer for whatever, basket of wood scraps, three plastic bins under the bed for gear, "garage" for one - two bikes + tools & the top of the woodstove chimney.




We are looking to downsize (yeah, you read that right) for our next adventure. We're also hoping to put some of this sale $$ towards an idea we've been wanting to develop. We're in no rush to sell the van, but if the right people are interested...

Feel free to send us an e-mail! We're happy to answer whatever questions you might have. While you're here, you can also check out where some of our adventures have taken us. We have also done some documentation of the build process. Hopefully our conversion will help you explore this beautiful country in comfort.

-James & Eva